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Salma is developing country-specific content for children and families living with type one diabetes; focusing on communities from the South Asian, African, Arabic, Polish and Chinese communities. Also supporting the creation of essential films in multiple languages.


Salma is developing the cultural resources content for people living with type two diabetes, specifically focusing on the south Asian Arabic and African communities.



Salma developed and co-authored Carbs&Cals World Foods and is continuing to work with Carbs&Cals to build their cultural resources for the app.


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Nutrition Ed.

Nutrition Ed. aims to improve the health and nutrition of school-aged children by providing training resources specifically designed for schools, catering companies and families to increase their understanding of nutrition and health.
We also offer products for schools to help achieve this vision together as a society.

Imperial College London

Salma is evaluating a weight loss intervention programme.

North West London Diabetes Transformation Programme, REWIND project

This project included intensive weight management and achieving remission of type 2 diabetes. Salma led on the operational work, trained healthcare professionals in primary care and developed dietary resources for people living with diabetes. She also created resources for practitioners to increase their cultural awareness. 



Diabetes UK

Salma delivers culturally specific education sessions and materials and is a professional conference committee member.

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British Heart Foundation

Salma delivered culturally specific education sessions and materials. She also delivered the Salt project in places of worship, such as gurdwaras and mosques.

Patient Information Forum (PIF)

PIF is about designing a toolkit for translating health information to reduce health inequalities.


Salma worked on the development of information to meet health and digital literacy, language and accessibility needs of the target audience, with the aim of addressing the  health literacy challenges for different communities.


ASPED (Arab Diabetes for Pediatrics Endocrinology and Diabetes)

Salma was the keynote speaker on diet, carb-counting and resources developed for Arab communities in the UK.


Meethi Zindagi

Meethi Zindagi is a charitable association for people dealing with diabetes. It provides peer support and develops innovations to support people at the community-level. Salma is a member of the Board and the co-design committee for the first digital diabetes education platform in Pakistan.


DAR (Diabetes & Ramadan International Alliance)

Salma is a co-author of the Ramadan Nutrition Plan for DAR and training and updates on nutrition education for health care professionals and people living with diabetes.



“Nutrition Ed has been working with DigiBete for over a year, advising on cultural resources and videos for children and families living. We continue to be informed by her valuable wide range of expertise and are looking forward to developing our work across a range of new projects and resources over the coming year. I can't recommend them highly enough!”

- DigiBete
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