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"By thinking more creatively, we can empower individuals to manage their health according to their environment."

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Salma Mehar RD

​​​Salma is renowned in the world of dietetics education for her work in diabetes, community health, health inequalities and innovations in reaching communities most at risk.

​Salma specializes in health inequalities​ and advocates for versatile approaches to reach diverse communities. She currently works on a multitude of projects involving visual and digital resources, websites, and films created in collaboration with health organizations and tech companies.

​Salma​ has over 20 years of experience of working with the NHS, minority communities and with researchers. She is passionate about delivering culturally sensitive and culturally specific programmes. Her multilingual background makes her adept at incorporating languages, ensuring it is literacy appropriate to inform communities about health and lifestyle. Her insights also ​mean​s that she understands well the challenges and barriers people have in accessing healthcare services.

Salma believes in empowering people to achieve greater health outcomes but it is up to researchers and practitioners to think more imaginatively about how to convey information to educate people and provide the tools for them to self-manage their health. This requires true collaboration among diverse teams and shared decision-making.

With over 20 years experience of working in the NHS, with communities, and across cultures, Salma has unique knowledge and insights that place her in a special position of being able to bridge divides, connect people, and contribute to the success of projects. Salma offers several services under the SMRD umbrella.


“Nutrition Ed has been working with DigiBete for over a year, advising on cultural resources and videos for children and families living. We continue to be informed by her valuable wide range of expertise and are looking forward to developing our work across a range of new projects and resources over the coming year. I can't recommend them highly enough!”

- DigiBete
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