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Collaboration and creative thinking are essential to developing solutions that work at the community level. Salma offers various services, from speaking to inspire change to projects that will empower individuals to control their diabetes.


Get in touch if you wish to know more.

Language and culturally specific dietary resources

Salma has designed her own products based on education, cultural specificity and behaviour change.


She offers project support to develop resources with other innovators to deliver educational resources, health technologies and solutions.


Salma's wide network means she connects people and organizations and gets projects off the ground.

Examples of her work include DigiBete, where she is developing country-specific content for children and families living with type one diabetes and focusing on communities from the South Asian, African, Arabic, Polish and Chinese communities.

Other examples include the development of essential films in multiple languages, the Carbs&Cals book and the app, MyWayDiabetes and KnowDiabetes​ (more project information can be found here).

Get in touch if you want support to develop your idea and product.

Content development

Salma writes and contributes to blogs, editorials, articles and newspapers, on diabetes and Ramadan, gestational diabetes and South Asian diets and more.


Get in touch to ask Salma for her contribution.


Salma is a published author and has contributed to many publications and delivered chapter reviews.


Examples include a number of resources on diet and Ramadan, she co-authored The World Food Book (2019) by Carbs and Cals (the first visual carbohydrate awareness resource for ethnic communities), and co-authored the nutrition chapter for the DAR- IDF.

If you would like Salma to write or contribute to your literature, get in touch.

Speaking & media appearances

Salma speaks at international and domestic events, conferences, corporate events, radio programmes and television channels.

Speaking engagements include the DAR - Hajj and Ramadan conference, ASPED Conference for the Malaysian Diabetes Society, and the Carb Counting session at ASPED 2022. She has also been a speaker at the ASPAD Europeans Diabetes Society and Diabetes UK conference.
Salma has appeared on British media outlets such as Pendle Community Radio, Awaaz Radio, and Sunrise Radio stations and has appeared on ITV News as well as the Islam Channel.

To book Salma as a speaker to feature as a guest on your programme, conference, or corporate event, get in touch.

Health advisor

Salma advises organizations and health departments on health and inequality strategies.

Examples include working with eight boroughs in North West London to address health inequality through cultural, language and digital inclusion. She was an advisor on the Brent Health Matters project and sits as an advisor for Diabetes UK (see her bio).

Salma is pleased to support projects and organizations. To request Salma to become an advisor, get in touch.

Student mentoring

Salma has mentored many dietetic and nutrition undergraduate students and will be offering online tutorials to students in 2023. To receive further information and to be added to the waiting list, get in touch.


“Nutrition Ed has been working with DigiBete for over a year, advising on cultural resources and videos for children and families living. We continue to be informed by her valuable wide range of expertise and are looking forward to developing our work across a range of new projects and resources over the coming year. I can't recommend them highly enough!”

- DigiBete
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